We love to collaborate!


architects, builders, interior designers

We love inter-professional collaboration! We love it because it results in a better overall product for our clients. We start with Universal Design considerations and move into more specific design accommodations, when called for, by the client's unique functional status. One of the benefits of working with an OT is that we understand the medical implications and function associated with an array of diagnoses. Thus we are able to make recommendations that fit now and into the future. We are available for consulting from the beginning to end of a project, plan review, or just for a quick question. Please don't hesitate to contact us.




If you are planning a renovation (of any scale) or new build consider adding us to your design team. If you haven't established a team yet we are happy to provide recommendations if you'd like. We provide a unique set of skills to the design process. Our eyes are trained to look at anatomy, kinesiology, neurology, gerontology, disease and disability, human development, psychology, abnormal psychology, and activity analysis. Of utmost importance to us is not only to create solutions for access but to make them look graceful and beautiful at the same time. We focus on the fit of people in their environment and you enjoy a final product that will fit and grow with you for a lifetime!


Jeni worked in collaboration with our kitchen designer on plans for our new kitchen. She suggested many things I had not considered for our future as we age in our home. All of her suggestions were very practical and easy to add to the plans.
— Missy ~Centennial