From a career in Occupational Therapy and an appreciation of architecture and design. A seemingly unlikely combination but actually a perfect synergy.

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After entering the field as an Occupational Therapist (OT) in 2000 I remember thinking that I would love to contribute an OT’s perspective to design above and beyond the guidelines of ADA and do it without anyone noticing that additional accommodations had been made. I imagined graceful homes and public spaces that were seamlessly, invisibly accessible, revealing their function only when accessed by someone with limitations. As my plans for designing elegant, accessible spaces began to take shape, I went into clinical work focusing on the hand and upper extremity. 

A three year foray into business analysis and system project management in the financial sector led to some amazing experiences and extremely valuable skill sets, but the altruistic side of me was lonely and unfulfilled, so I returned to my profession to work in the acute care hospital setting. 

I also had a  family of my own and became a student of finding balance between motherhood, family life and career goals.   Through it all, I have maintained an intense interest in my profession, the engineering of new ideas, and the history of architecture/design.  Coupling these interests with my priorities and enthusiasm, has lead to the birth of Unbounded Spaces. I am so excited to bring to you services that allow me to realize my “dream job” while empowering my clients to remain safely in their homes for as long as possible, to improve the “visitability” of a home, or accommodate a specific disability. This might entail changes to accommodate both current level of function and thinking beyond to future needs.  It may require simple modifications to an existing space, a single room renovation, or a new build or addition.  I firmly believe that the thoughtful and intentional creation or modification of spaces can support functional capacity, foster independence, and ensure the safety of the occupants ~ while maintaining a graceful environment in which to live, work and play.

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Our Community relationships

Unbounded Spaces serves on the Project Fulfillment Committee of the Home Builders Foundation of Metro Denver. The organization provides opportunities for individuals and families with disabilities to achieve quality of life and positively enrich their community.  We are proud to give our time and energy to an organization and mission so close to our heart.

Green air retreat healthy idea home

We are proud to be the Universal Design and Accessibility Specialist for the Green Air Retreat Healthy Idea Home. To learn more about this one-of-a-kind project please visit